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In order to add efficiency to the solutions and products developed by Proton Smart Solutions, mobile apps seemed a must offering. One of our core businesses is Smart Card solutions, for which we are offering an extended services on mobile devices enabling them to become readers for both Contact and Contactless Smart Cards, such value-added services enable our clients to make user validation and authentication while being remote, in addition to other services to support our solutions are implemented to address Smart Card families different features and services.

Most of these services are conducted offline for data being stored on the card and as necessary, an online connection could be needed to contact backend services to enhance real-time services and offerings. The offline scheme requires verification of card and user authenticity according to which, subsequent services can be conducted if being authentic.

The mobile app can be provided to Android or iOS or both mobile users. Different type of services can be provided for the offered solutions for end user’s convenience and enhanced experience. Due to the custom nature of these types of applications, we analyze and understand our client’s concerns and adapt the mobile app to their needs.