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Access Control

A fundamental application for Smart Card implementations is the Access Control system to secure access to physical locations inside or outside a facility, logical access to computers and servers falls in the same context. The microprocessor generation of Smart Cards provide unrivaled security aspects to ensure card data integrity and uniqueness of each card issued by the personalization system.

Recently, major concerns were raised due to the ability to clone the access control card and hence, impersonation deemed applicable, leading to re-evaluation for the technology being used and therefore, new policies were set to protect the identity of a member inside an entity. The other security concern is related to data integrity to ensure no alteration for the card data since the card was issued.

The new generation of intelligent Smart Card readers combined with the security features of Contactless Microprocessor Smart Cards based on ISO 14443 standards have exposed great advantages to undertake the responsibility of controlling physical access by implementations that follows top-niche security measures. Intelligent Smart Card readers do not require connection to an external Access Controller as it has the required output to open the electromechanical lock.

The Intelligent Smart Card readers can operate in an online mode where a server is required for card authentication and authorization based on a predefined policy as well as displaying cardholder info upon presenting his card to the reader and for logging purposes. The server will grant or deny access according to the verification process and sends a command to the Intelligent Smart Card reader to grant or deny access for the passenger.

Offline mode can be used by utilizing the built-in controllers to accelerate the authentication and authorization operations for being an ‘onboard’ task hence, providing more reliability over the online scenario.

Backlisting is supported in both modes attributed to the Administration function of the Personalization system, the method by which Blacklisting is make known by the readers depending on the operation mode being selected.

We at Proton Smart Solution are utilizing Multi-level Authentication readers that combine Contactless ISO 14443 Type-A Smart Card readers with Fingerprint scanner or PIN Pad as needed, tailored to customer security demands: