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Biometric Identifiers

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Biometric Identifiers

With the advent and popularization of the Internet and global diffusion and
adoption of information and communication technologies, there are increasing
concerns about the interrelated problems of identity, trust, and online access
the resolution was provided with the adaptation of Biometric Identifiers.

These issues include concerns about the misuse of personal information by
malicious or rogue actors, the development of reliable mechanisms for
building trust relationships and facilitating trustworthy transactions in mediated
environments, and attempts to restrict access to services only to those who
are indeed entitled to them.

Identity Management’ is also important in facilitating international mobility. Governments gather considerable amounts of personal information from citizens and visitors and issue identity documents
to facilitate travel, based on internationally agreed standards and technologies.

However, behind these various scenarios lie fundamentally different problems and different levels of risk, which require different policy responses and, following from these policies, different technologies. Whereas Biometric and Iris are best utilized for a baseline identifiers of a person for travelling, border control, or restricted access, Face Recognition is the best “surveillance” technology when a person is not aware of his facial scan against database records hence, it is adapted in large crowds; Airports, Public Events, Stadium…etc.). Nevertheless, Face Recognition is an emerged technology for Access Control systems for being a suitable provision for COVID-19 precautions.

Proton Smart Solutions offers integrated solutions for the Biometric Identifiers:

• Fingerprint
Face Recognition