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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are the trend of Information Technology industry according to many renowned research organizations; they are suitable for all business scales due to the major advantage of being a highly-visible marketing channel to mobile users.  Mobile Apps are very suitable platform for new brands and better engagement for your customers at anytime anyplace, potentially increase sales and stimulate service providers to add value-added services. Mobile Apps sustain loyalty concept for your customers as being reachable at the user’s ‘fingertip’. …Read More

Smart Cards

We have been into Smart Card business since year 2000 delivering diverse solutions utilizing the entire range of Smart Card families; Memory, Intelligent Memory, Microprocessor, PKI-enabled, Contact or Contactless. Smart Card technology was introduced as a strong alternative to other types of machine readable technologies such as barcode and magnetic stripe, and at the same time increases the Return of Investment (ROI) through the provided services. In addition to, long lasting data retention period that is up to twenty years. …Read More

Biometric Identifiers

Protecting access to data and/or facilities can take many forms, the simplest is the password verification, but due to the disadvantages of being forgotten, might be exposed to nearby person, hacking simple password policy, the adaptation of human biometrics was emerged to provide extremely accurate and secured access; fingerprints, retinal and iris scans produce absolutely unique data sets. Face Recognition on the other hand, has developed the surveillance technology and contributed great deal in locating suspects anywhere in the crowd. …Read More

Secure Printing

Many counterfeiting methods have been inspected for documents by printing a cloned document, scan the original and reprint a forge one, or by photocopy the document and with the support of high resolution color printing, chances of making duplicates likely exist. Three levels of printing security can be combined for high degree of security: Overt: To enable visual authentication of a document Covert: To enable “back office” document authentication Forensic: To enable authentication of a document in a laboratory scenario …Read More


A number of advantages can be stated for enabling eBusiness in an organization, to state a few; the global presence for your brand, product, and services on the Internet makes eBusiness a must channel for sales and marketing. Short Time-to-Market is another advantage for eBusiness reducing time to launch new products due the automated processes and technical aspects. Cost can be effectively cut a result of reducing the time and by marketing products over the Internet via ‘Pay per click’ …Read More