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VMS & Face Recognition

Video Management System (VMS) is a reliable software system that monitor, capture, and record video steams in:

  • Buildings; Real estate, Hotel, Factory, Club…etc
  • Retail Shops
  • Enterprises; Airport, Border Control, Mining…etc where Facial Capture and Recognition is an immense requirement

The VMS is composed of unlimited number of servers, client PCs, and IP-based cameras distributed in different locations where surveillance is required.

The zone of interest to be easily drawn in the VMS, which records videos in a compressed format and performs intilligent search based on zone entry or exit, motion or stopping in zone, direction of motion, too many objects in zone, loitering…etc thanks to the advanced situation analysis tools.

In addition, unlimited number of reaction rules can be defined flexibly based on a single event; for example, if someone enters a restricted zone, the VMS records directly to the archive for prompt search, triggers the camera to zoom-in the object, make a voice notification, and sends an email or SMS to the person in charge.

The VMS presents a mobile app for iOS and Android users to view live or archived videos and perform system management in any place anytime. Integrations with other systems such as Fire and Intrusion alarm adds to the substantial features presented by the VMS.

In Retail, VMS provides video surveillance for entry and exit points, shopping floor and staff room control. The VMS provides integration capabilities with the POS terminal to display the receipt text on the recorded video to eliminate any fraud cases.

The Faceprint is the digital representation of characteristics of a face that can be used to identify a person’s face through a Face Recognition system, which has emerged as an attractive solution to address many contemporary needs for identification and the verification of identity claims. It brings together the promise of other biometric systems, which attempt to tie identity to individually distinctive features of the body, and the more familiar functionality of visual surveillance systems.

Face capturing can be via a still or video camera without the knowledge of a person with identification capabilities over a long distance, which are attractive features of this technology that can be incorporated into existing good quality CCTV systems. However, locating a face in a stream of a video is not a trivial matter and requires good positioning for the cameras.

The capturing stage involves face detection and extraction from a person’s image followed by a normalization process in to convert the face into a ‘template’ stored in the database. In an identification application, if there is a “match” of a video stream photos and the database gallery, an alarm solicits an operator’s attention to verify the match and initiate the appropriate actions. Therefore, Face Recognition is the perfect solution for crowded places where surveilliance is required and suspects are a potential target.

Proton Smart Solutions offers the VMS system for surveillance purposes as well as Facial Capture and Recognition with One-to-One verification for a person who is already known by different meanings of identity; Passport Number – National ID Number – Employee Number…etc, also One-to-Many identification is supported to locating a person within in a list of enrolled persons.