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One of the methods to identifying a person is by capturing and analyzing his Fingerprints that relies on measurable physical and distinct characteristics in the form of a ‘template’. A fingerprint is made up of a pattern of ridges and furrows as well as characteristics that occur at Minutiae points.

Security systems depends on Fingerprints to validate the identity of a person by performing matching algorithms, which uniquely locates a person or pinpoint duplicates. There have been many reliable extract and match algorithms in the market according to which identity of a person is proofed, the significant difference between algorithms is in the size of the Fingerprint template and the performance for the matching process.

Fingerprints is widely adapted in the following systems as examples:

Fingerprint capturing process include different models of scanners: Single finger, Dual, Four fingers and palm. According to system security requirements, the captured Biometric Fingerprints are stored in the reading device or secured medium (i.e.; Smart Card, Token…etc) and/or in secured database.

Fingerprints has added another substantial security factor in the Multiple Factor Authentication systems that answers the part of ‘Something you are’.

Proton Smart System offers comprehensive solutions for Fingerprints capturing and matching as part of the above systems and as per the customer needs.