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Smartphones and their associated mobile software “applications” or “apps” are becoming increasingly ubiquitous in our daily life. According to, a website dedicated to cataloging and rating apps, the one millionth app was made available to users in December, 2011. Even with many of these apps being duplicates, or slight variations created for different devices (e.g., an app created for the iPhone and the iPad would be counted twice) that is an incredible explosion of interest for such industry.

Many now believe that mobile apps will eventually supplant standard Internet websites. Advances in technology have enabled web developers to not only program for standard web browsing but for mobile browsing as well. This trend of mobile apps taking the place of traditional websites is likely to accelerate for a number of reasons.

First, a mobile application can be accessed from virtually anywhere without the need for a wireless hotspot or expensive and physically large piece of hardware. Additionally, many companies and other website owners have created mobile versions of their websites to provide faster loading times, and have optimized user interfaces and other features to add to the functionality of mobile browsers.

We believe in providing new ideas for such highly-demanded market in a category of applications that compliment our solutions in an innovative way. On the other hand, delivering eServices on mobile devices is an effective channel to reach enormous number of mobile users while in the go.