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Proton Mobile Access is implemented based on BLE technology with the advantage of consuming low power on mobile devices and enabling communication in long ranges that could reach tens of meters. The other main advantage for BLE is being adapted by iOS and Android smart phones that opens a new era of mobile smart applications.

Security and size of communication data in BLE has been evolving specially in latest versions that allow the utilization of Secure Element (SE) as a dedicated hardware (chip) that is Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (CC EAL) certified to storing encryption and signing keys for different purposes as required by the mobile app to ensure authenticity and data integrity. Earlier versions adapt Key Storage and Key Chain in Android and iOS respectively as a secure area dedicated for the mobile app that has created them to prevent unauthorized mobile apps from accessing them.

One of the substantial applications for BLE is mobile Access Control that allow a mobile device to be Smart card-like medium though security aspects in Smart Card that yet has additional built-in security features that are considered unmatched as of yet.

Proton Smart Solutions has developed Proton Mobile Access system on top of our existing Smart Card Access Control system using the same hardware, adding the advantages:

User Experience: By nature for being able to use Smart phones in daily activities and provide superb easiness when invitations to guests can be sent via mobile app to allow access to community gates following certain business logic and security validations

Multi-Technology: Our Access Control IoT device accepts Contactless Smart Card, QR, and BLE technologies. NFC technology can be adapted as well if required, due to the limitation in iOS Smart phones as of yet

Unrivaled Features: Proton Mobile Access represents the same advantages of the existing Smart Card Access Control system: Unlimited number of cardholders and electronic gates, implement advanced security features to ensure customer’s identity and detect any fraud attempts to alter the stored data on the Card or mobile, and top of all, the ability to operate in “Offline” mode that communication with the cloud or backend servers is not a must for system continuous operation. Our major advantage of displaying the customer’s personal photo and related data remains intact via a connected screen at the security booth once the mobile accesses the gate. Issues related to membership expiration, blacklisting, cancellation…etc. are displayed on the screen that the gate would not open as such

Gate Plugin: Proton Mobile Access system works with Car Barriers, Turnstiles, and any electric door lock

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Reduced massively due to the reduced investment in infrastructure and technology upgrades as well as attributed to the non-utilization of Ultra-High Frequency readers and associated tags due to all-in-one device and system