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Secure Printing

Proton Smart Solutions provides a wide range of Secure Printing solutions fundamentally to government and education sectors. We design, produce, and secure fulfillment of any document or asset that you need to protect from fraud and replication with overt and covert security features, data handling and production in a secure environment and/or secure fulfillment.

Our Secure Printing partners are committed to provide the highest level of quality and in some cases, proprietary security features to add even more sophisticated patterns that makes the cloning process almost impossible. In addition, the utilization of encrypted QR codes has paved the way for secure and swift processing of the contents of the secured document/certificate.

Examples of our Secure Printing solutions are:

•  National Identity Card

        •  ePassport in accordance with ICAO standards

•  Vital Events Records (Civil Registry System)

•  Birth Certificate
•  Marriage Certificate
•  Divorce Certificate
•  Death Certificate

•  eVisa in accordance with ICAO standards

•  Criminal Record Certificate

Certificate features can include:

• 2D/3D Holograms and foils
• Sequential numbering
• Invisible ultra violet ink
• Fiber Optic
• Optical variable ink
• Thermochromic ink
• Guilloche designs
• Microtext
• Watermarked paper
• Numismatic images
• Reactive to chemicals

To meet our customers’ demands we also have the ability to personalize the certificate with the candidates details, this can then be fulfilled and mailed to the customer for review and approval.