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Smart Cards have increasingly become an indispensable technology to satisfying nowadays demands. Major concerns related to securing data and ensure the authenticity of a person has been a major challenge in enormous scenarios, Smart Card provided answers to such concerns and added substantial meaning to portability in a cashless environment.

Legacy banking card system has migrated to the new generation of EMV cards, cardholders have to adapt the usage of Personal Identification Number (PIN) as an alternative secure method of authentication rather than hand-writing signatures.

The size of portable data was considered a bottleneck in early implementations of Smart Card projects that has been evolved to the level of storing 72 KB on a single card, making photo and biometric storage a hassle-free demand.

Ability to host multi-applications on a single card has leveraged the power of the card for usage in different meanings in the same manner, added more convenience to cardholders and at the same time, encouraged merchants for alliances and build innovative Loyalty programs.

Organizations that wish to keep pace with the eServices era and build cashless transactions has realized the immense viability of Smart Card and at the same time expanded its usage to cover larger patterns.
Smart Card has provided answers to major concerns of cash collection and establishing a bribe-less atmosphere, Water and Electricity meters has been sustained with Smart Card prepaid cards for such  sake.

Smart Cards has covered all types of applications that people utilizes in their daily life for which Proton Smart Solutions can offer, to name a few;

• ePassport
• DLVR – Driving License and Vehicle Registration
• Employee or Membership ID
• eHealth
• eLabor
• Banking EMV Cards
• Any customized application

In addition to the following systems built upon Smart Card technology:

National Identity
Public Key Infrastructure
Access Control
Student Wristband