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Student Wristband

Student Wristband is introduced to transform the traditional student ID card to multi-application wearable Smart Card that:

  • Can be used for many years; 5 years
  • Host Identity app to store the student’s personal and educational data on the chip of the Wristband
  • Student photo is stored on the chip for verification as needed to eliminate impersonation
  • Advanced security features to prevent Card/Wristband cloning and detect card data alteration cases
  • Host Access Control app that support any type of electronic gates at School/University premises
  • Host Time Attendance for School (or University Lecture Halls) entry and exit times
  • School Bus check in/out via NFC handheld device by the Bus supervisor to send notifications to the parents
  • Host Prepaid ePurse app for Cafeteria, book fair, trips, after School activities…etc. payments with ability for the parent to set limit for purchases based on predefined duration
  • Loyalty app can be added on top of the ePurse app for better student’s experience
  • Host Medical app used by school doctor to store student’s medical info as well as comprehensive records for the student’s medical incidents occurred at school for parent’s follow up
  • Student Card/Wristband apps are read via parent’s NFC-enabled mobile
  • Scheme can operate in offline or online mode according to School/University infrastructure

The following advantages are identified for parents who can use any NFC-enabled mobile to read the Student Smart Card contents via mobile app (offline mode) or retrieve apps information via the School Portal (online mode)

  • All-in-one anti-allergy wearable material to ensure contactless transactions; COVID-19 precautions
  • Read the student’s Time attendance of the current day and receive bus notifications (Departure/Arrival times)
  • Read the last ten ePurse transactions including Load and Debit transactions
  • Read the last five student’s medical records
  • Parent can set the student’s ceiling limit for school purchases
  • Parent can optionally receive email notifications on Student’s ePurse transactions

The advantages for School Administration are:

  • Promote healthy environment attributed to contactless transactions
  • Save card and printing consumables for at least 4-5 years
  • Save hardware cost for being purchased once-off
  • Secure access to facilities and accurate time attendance for all students
  • Unrivaled services for students and parents using one medium
  • Minimum system administration efforts
  • Better cash control and settlement reporting with any second parties
  • Eliminate student’s cash loss by recovering last balance from the lost Student Card/Wristband